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* Important! Please see our Product Discontinuation Notice *

MxUptime Discontinuation Notice

Dear MxScan Users,

It's with great sadness we are announcing today (August 22nd 2017) that we've made the decision to close down MxUptime. After close to 10 years of providing a solution for Filtering, Blocking and Stopping Spam via Mxscan for MailEnable, we will be permanently shutting on December 31st 2017.

We've been weighing our options for a while now, however at the end of the day we are just unable to continue providing the support and updates that you (our users) deserve. We personally feel that the most responsible thing we can do is to be upfront, inform you our users and provide you with sufficient notice to find an alternative arrangement.

How will this afffect you?

Although we will be shutting the down the MxScan product line, your Mxscan for MailEnable will continue to work perpetually in its current state but with the following caveats:

a) The product will no longer be updated or supported.

b) We will do our best to honor all EXISTING Active Mxscan Software Maintainenance subscriptions/tickets till the end of your subscription or expiry or for as long as we can (whichever comes first)

c) Once your existing Software Maintenance has expired you will no longer be able to renew it as of today (August 22nd 2017).

d) We will no longer be accepting any new purchases/renewals for licenses as of today (August 22nd 2017).

) All related MxScan Software Maintenannce services such as but not limited to the MxUptime Sender Blacklist and MxUptime URL Blacklist Cloud will cease to operate once the service has been has discontinued or when your Software Maintenance expires (whichever comes first).
f) The SaneSecurity Signature updates will also cease to continue once the service has been has discontinued or when your Software Maintenance expires. You will no longer be able to receive any new Sane Security updates through our servers.

g) If you wish to do so, Please download and save a copy of the Mxscan Professional installer before this site is taken offline (December 31, 2017)

For users of ArmResearch Messsage Sniffer (MxScan Professional only)

a) The integration of MXscan with your Message Sniffer subscription should continue to work and you may choose to renew your yearly subscription directly with ArmResearch (

b) However we will no longer be supporting and providing any future updates for the Mxscan integration with Message Sniffer

Alternative spam filtering options

1. Over the years the built-in spam filtering options within MailEnable has grown significantly richer and we encourage you to explore utilizing the built-in spam filters within Mailenable as your replacement MxScan spam filter (

2. There are also other various spam/filtering options available at which you can further explore

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support all these years and we do wish you the best.


-MxUptime Team
August 22nd, 2017